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Read powerful stories and testimonials from the perspectives of our patients, and how they got back to doing the things they love.
infant wearing Starband cranial remolding helmet

Connie| Ottobock C-Brace

Listen to Connie’s story, as she talks about what C-Brace has meant for her. A one time avid skier and outdoorswoman, Connie has been working with our St. Petersburg office practitioner, Danielle, to regain some of the movement & freedom she has lost.

amputee man with prosthetic leg and his prosthetist posing for picture

Paul | HiFi Above Knee Prosthesis

Paul shares his journey as an amputee and what led him to his new High-Fidelity Interface socket. After his amputation in 2019, Paul suffered from wounds, instability, and discomfort from his prosthetic sockets.
infant wearing Starband cranial remolding helmet

Ronald | Below Knee Prosthesis

A work injury left Ronald facing a long and difficult recovery, he was suddenly faced with needing a below knee amputation. Now, his outlook on life is all about keeping a positive attitude and not giving up.
infant wearing Starband cranial remolding helmet

Mia Grace | Cranial Remolding Orthosis

Upon receiving the news that their daughter, Mia Grace, needed a cranial remolding orthosis, her parents knew they wanted the best treatment available. They brought Mia to WCBL, and they couldn’t be happier with the care and reassurance they’ve received.
Male orthotist fitting leg brace on woman in wheelchair

Mauricio | Lower Extremity Orthoses

“My 83-year-old mother has Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease. She has suffered from the pain caused by her heels curved in a 45-degree angle for well over a decade. Since she did not live in an area serviced by Westcoast Brace & Limb, she could never find anyone to fit her with the correct Ankle Foot Orthotic (AFO) or brace. That all changed when she moved to the Tampa Bay area….

Annette | Lower Extremity Orthoses

“It’s not just a matter of giving you what is medically necessary, it’s a team effort to give you the best mobility and comfort to enhance your lifestyle. They truly encourage you to ‘Dream Big’ and then help turn those dreams into reachable goals.” Together, Annette and her orthotist Walt, found a solution to help change her life.

female with leg prosthesis

Desiree | Lower Extremity Prosthetic

“My name is Desiree Register and this is my story on how I became an amputee. I was leaving a family dinner and was standing outside by my car, when I was struck by an oncoming car. I became an amputee right then and there at the car accident scene, on May 15, 2015. About a week after I became an amputee, a peer visitor from Westcoast Brace & Limb came to the hospital to meet me. They shared their experience with me told me what I could expect as a new amputee. The peer visitor was my little hope that I needed…

Todd | Bilateral Knee Amputee

“My name is Todd Murphy. I’m a bilateral, below the knee amputee. I hiked the Appalachian Trail southbound in June of 2007. Since my experience in nature, all aspects of my life have drastically changed. My perspective on love, life, art, the world and my place in it, as well as the belief in myself to accomplish any goal has greatly expanded. I can’t thank WCBL enough for making my adventures possible with the prosthetics they made for me.”

—Todd Murphy

Female leg amputee weating prosthetic leg, rock climbing

Chryl | Lower Extremity Prosthetic

As a longtime patient at Westcoast Brace & Limb, Chryl was excited to share with others how she became a patient here and how it has changed her life. Chryl is a diabetic and at the time of her injury, she struggled with always being “the most compliant patient.” One day, she ran outside barefoot and stepped on a stick causing a small hole in her foot. This small hole became a bad wound and then a catastrophic infection, spreading into the bone, and ultimately requiring an amputation…

woman being fit by a prosthetist for a prosthosis device

Patricia | Prosthosis Device

At the young age of 27, Patricia suddenly found herself dealing with medical issues that would change her life forever. Having been diagnosed with Lupus and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), she unexpectedly had three strokes, and found herself wheelchair bound and searching for answers. As a young mother, Patricia knew that she couldn’t let her illnesses defeat her…

Man wearing AFO on leg standing in front of Tampa Bay Lightning Amalie Arena

Chuck | Lower Extremity Orthotic

April 19, 2017 started off like any other normal day for Chuck Cowart. As his day progressed he noticed his left arm fell asleep a few times, but he didn’t think much of it. After taking a short nap, he woke up to eat lunch and was unable to pick up his food with his dominant left hand. Chuck ended up at his local hospital with a diagnosis of Ischemic Stroke and was not given the tPA injection. He was later transported to Tampa General Hospital…

Frankie | Upper Extremity Prosthetic

“They’re not just pushing something on you when you come in. When they showed me examples of what the final product would look like, I was amazed. I think that being part of the process really helps because then you’re leaving with something you actually wanted.”

-Frankie Jones

Gwyneth | Cranial Remolding

“My husband and I started noticing our daughter Gwyneth developing a flat spot on her head when she was 3 months old. When she went in for her 4 month well visit her doctor sent us to a specialist, where we were told that Gwyneth had plagiocephaly and that we should try repositioning her during sleep for a month. With no success on repositioning we were then referred to Westcoast Brace and Limb. The orthotist measured and scanned our daughter’s head and talked to us about a cranial orthosis. Initially my husband and I were worried about putting our baby in a helmet, but after doing extensive research and speaking with the staff at Westcoast Brace & Limb, the decision was much easier to make. Her head looks wonderful now!”

—Katie Metz, Mother

Steven | Lower Extremity Prosthetic

“The staff at Westcoast Brace & Limb…and the way they’ve always treated me…has been outstanding. I consider them professionals and I consider them friends,” says long-time prosthetic patient Steven Budd.

Andrea | Custom Breast Prostheses

“My custom breast prosthesis adheres to my skin with a naturally tacky surface that does not require adhesives. It is easy to remove. I wash it with mild soap at the end of the day, that’s it,” Andrea says. “Insurance paid most of the cost, which is nothing compared to surgical reconstruction. Reconstruction is a good option for many women, but it’s not for everyone. This is a great option and it’s right here in our community…”


Through our commitment to restoring bodies and rebuilding lives, we work to empower individuals with the tools they need to retain or regain their independence. This is why, for more than 40 years, Westcoast Brace & Limb has been a Leading Provider of Custom Orthotic and Prosthetic Devices. 


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