Patient with prosthetic leg standing with his prosthetist

Our patient Paul shares his journey as an amputee and what led him to his new High-Fidelity Interface socket. After his amputation in 2019, Paul suffered from wounds, instability, and discomfort from his prosthetic sockets. He tried a few different socket styles prior to coming to WCBL. Working with hisprosthetist, Brian, they found a solution that alleviated the issues Paul had with his previous sockets.

With Paul’s new HiFi socket, he has been able to walk comfortably on a variety of different surfaces. Paul is even wearing his socket for 10 plus hours per day, with no issues at all. As a result, Paul has now been able to set new goals. Particularly, he is now working on walking without his cane and getting back on the golf course. Brian is extremely happy with Paul’s progress. Especially, Paul has been able to make great improvement in physical therapy. Brian is confident that Paul will reach his goals soon. We can’t wait to see Paul get back to living his fullest life! Click on the video below to hear Paul’s full testimonial.

What is HiFi?

High-Fidelity Interface with HiFi technology by biodesigns is the newest in prosthetic socket technology. HiFi is redefining how a socket should fit, providing the ultimate in comfort and function. The HiFi Interface connects skeletally with the patient’s residual limb, think of osseointegration without the surgery & with a removable prosthesis. HiFi sockets allow for motion and force to be captured closer to the bone. As a result, the user receives a more precise prosthetic reaction and a more instinctive user reaction. Consequently, the user experiences dramatically enhanced performance, greater energy efficiency, security, safety, increased endurance, greater comfort and a higher level of confidence for wearers of all activity levels. Click here for more info on HiFi sockets and to learn how we can help you.