Male orthotist fitting leg brace on woman in wheelchairWhen Mauricio Rosas’ mother moved closer to him, he knew it was time for her to visit WCBL and finally find a solution to her years-long suffering. As a patient himself, Mauricio was very familiar with WCBL and wanted to share the excellent service he had received here with his mother. Mauricio brought his mother to see Walt, one of our highly-skilled and experienced Orthotists. Below, Mauricio describes his experience with bringing his mother to WCBL.

Finding relief from Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease with custom AFO’s.

“My 83-year-old mother has Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease. She has suffered from the pain caused by her heels curved in a 45-degree angle for well over a decade. Since she did not live in an area serviced by Westcoast Brace and Limb, she could never find anyone to fit her with the correct Ankle Foot Orthotic (AFO) or brace. That all changed when she moved to the Tampa Bay area.

‘I prayed that this time my mom might finally be able to walk without severe pain.’

Making our first appointment at the Brandon office with Liz was quick. One call, one appointment. When the day arrived, we met with Walt, a Certified Orthotist. He was the real deal. My mother’s condition was complicated, so he had to take his time to find a solution. As he figured out how to find the correct product to use, he called in on his colleague Juan, a certified Pedorthotist (a specialist trained to modify footwear). Between the two of them, they came up with a working solution. I prayed that this time my mom might finally be able to walk without severe pain.

After a few weeks, I received a call from Liz. The shoes with braces had arrived. Yajaida made sure the insurance authorizations needed were there at the time of our visit. So, that was a big relief. So, we go back to the Brandon office for her first fitting. It went well but more was needed. After a couple of weeks, all the pieces came into place, including my mother, but then came Covid(19), and like everyone else, we had to shelter-in-place. Ugh! Finally, we got a call to come in. Of course, the office was taking all the mandated health precautions. (See the Covid-19 precautions we are taking here) That reinforced my trust in the team.

‘We finally had a real fix to a decade long struggle.’man, woman, standing with orthotist and service dog

So, mom tried on her new shoes with braces. She stood up and smiled. Hope, I thought. I was right. She walked back and forth inside the safety of the parallel bars or, as we nicknamed them, “the catwalk.” We did have a couple of follow-up visits to make slight adjustments, but thanks to Westcoast Brace and Limb, we finally had a real fix to a decade long struggle. My mom is truly comfortable, stable, and pain-free. Thank you!”

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