Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month at WCBL

Every October, WCBL staff breast cancer support picture post-mastectomythe WCBL team goes pink on Fridays in support of breast cancer awareness month. Team members donate money each week to participate. At the end of the month, all of the donations go to a selected charity. Hooked on Hope (HOH) was our selected charity this year.

HOH, a local Tampa area non-profit organization established in 2009, raises funds for uninsured and under insured breast cancer patients across all Tampa Bay Communities. They have supported many patients, including some of our own, in their financial needs. We are fortunate to have a generous team who helped us raise nearly $700 in donations for HOH.


Thriving, Not just surviving

Breast cancer support post mastectomy

WCBL’s post-mastectomy services offer variety in the stages after a patient has received surgery. After a mastectomy, many women can be uncomfortable with the changes in their physical appearance. These changes can be permanent or temporary, depending on rather or not you have a reconstructive surgery. There are many options available to support your body in its recovery and in regaining its natural balance and symmetrical appearance. We carry a variety of post-surgical items, including bras, camisoles, and prosthetic breasts.

A breast prosthesis, or breast form, is an artificial breast used after one’s own breast has been altered or removed, usually through surgery. A breast form simulates a natural breast and one’s body shape.

When you are ready, our Certified Mastectomy Fitters will work with you to determine which mastectomy bras offer the best fit for your needs. Mastectomy bras are available in many different sizes, styles and colors. The bra’s design incorporates pockets on the inside to hold breast forms in place. We’re here to help you shape your very own success story!

Visit our post-mastectomy page to find out more, or contact us to schedule an appointment.