Functional, High-Quality Finger Prostheses by Naked Prosthetics


The ThumbDriver, designed specifically for patients with partial thumb amputations distal to the MCP joint, is a revolutionary device. This innovative tool harnesses the power of the body at the MCP joint to facilitate flexion and extension. Users can easily attach it to a strap or custom, fabricated socket to enable a comfortable and secure fit. The ThumbDriver features a convenient ring that ensures stability on the thumb and allows for two and three-finger pinch movements. With its pre-flexed design, users can effortlessly operate the device. Moreover, the ThumbDriver features a touchscreen tip and boasts waterproof, dirt, chemical, and heat-resistant properties.

GripLock Finger

Meanwhile, the GripLock Finger device caters to patients with partial hand or finger amputations proximal to the MCP joint. This device operates on a passive positioning mechanism, requiring users to utilize their sound side or another surface to flex the fingers. To extend the fingers, patients can either press a lever on the dorsal side of the device or fully flex their fingers. Designed for digits 2-5, excluding the thumb, the GripLock Finger is seamlessly integrated into a practitioner-designed custom socket. The socket is crafted in our state-of-the-art fabrication lab. This device empowers individuals with hand and finger amputations to regain their ability to grasp, press, and hold objects. Each GripLock Finger is lightweight, with a break strength of 200 lbs, and features a touch-screen tip, ensuring durability in various environments.

A winning combination

Even more exciting, is the opportunity to combine the ThumbDriver and GripLock devices. Patients who need both finger and thumb prostheses can have these devices built into the same socket. On their own, these are empowering prosthetic devices. However, when combined, they create a completely unique opportunity for finger amputees that until recently was not available.  Discover how the ThumbDriver and GripLock Finger devices can enhance the quality of life for individuals with hand amputations.

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