Anaplastology is considered the art and science of restoring the appearance and function of a missing body part using custom silicone designs. Our silicone prostheses combine form and function in a comprehensive design that addresses the psychological and physical needs of the user.

Why choose WCBL?

One of the reasons that patients chose WCBL over other providers, is our on-site, one-on-one service given to each patient receiving a High Realism Silicone device. Our Anaplastology Laboratory is located at our corporate office where our anaplastology team works with the latest technology. Our patients receive custom painting appointments allowing the patient to be part of the process and provide personal preferences to make the most realistic and highest functioning devices available. With each brush stroke and subtle layer of color, the prosthesis transforms into an incredibly realistic replica. The multiple layers of color give each prosthesis a natural look, similar to the rich depth of human skin.

High Realism Silicone Restoration

Our High Realism Silicone prosthesis are designed to be unnoticeable by others. Each prosthesis is hand-crafted from high definition silicone and hand-painted to match the patient’s original skin tone and appearance. Our anaplastologists provide patients with the most realistic, aesthetically pleasing, and functional passive restoration available. Every detail is taken into account during the painting of the prosthetic device, even accounting for features such as freckles and hair.

• Maxillofacial Amputations/Surgeries (nose, ears, any facial feature)
• Ocular Prosthesis (eye)
• Surrounding tissue or eye socket restoration
• Finger and toe amputations
• Partial hand devices
• Partial foot devices
• Custom adaptive devices (such as writing tools, work specific devices)

The primary post-surgical goal is for the surgery site to heal well. Even though a patient may not be clinically ready to begin the prosthetic fitting process, it is a good time to meet with an anaplastologist to learn more about the process and begin discussing goals. During a consultation, patients can ask questions and allow our specialty care coordinators to begin working with the insurance company or locating an alternative funding resource if necessary.

For patients who are not seeking a high realism prosthesis, the final fitting appointment would be considered final delivery. For patients who desire high realism, the next step would be to proceed with the definitive sculpture, which includes a color session to create detailed features, such as pores, wrinkles, etc.

High Realism Silicone is not only realistic in appearance, these passive devices also have important functional capabilities. This function of these devices include activities such as pushing, pulling, stabilizing, supporting, light grasping and typing.

• Hypoallergenic and skin-safe
• Stain resistant
• Flame resistant
• Life-like in texture
• Reparable
• Comfortable, conforming to the patient