Ocular Prosthesis

Oftentimes when people think prosthetics, it’s about upper or lower extremities, but did you know at WCBL we have Ocularists who make eyes as well? An injury or illness can cause eye loss, which can then result in the need for an ocular prosthesis or prosthetic eye. While most refer to them as a “glass eye” or a “fake eye”, it’s not really an eye at all. Rather, it is a shell that covers the structures in the eye socket.

The prosthetic eye includes an oval, whitish outer shell made of acrylic to match the other eye, and a round, central portion painted to look like the iris and pupil of the other eye. Surgical removal of an eye due to damage or disease, typically will follow with a recommendation of implanting a prosthetic eye (ocular prosthesis). An eye prosthesis supports proper eyelid function. Additionally, it is often the preferable choice over an eye patch or bandage.


ocular prosthesis progression stand

At WCBL, we custom design every prosthesis by hand

Each eye is crafted for comfort & realism, to create an outcome that is as unique as the individual for whom it is created. A custom ocular prosthesis replaces an absent natural eye, whether as a result of an injury or medical disorder.  Our Ocularist sculpts the prosthesis to fit and blend in with the unaffected side. Once completed, the custom paint will match the iris shape and color. It restores eye, eyelids and adjacent soft tissue with custom molded silicone. The main goal is to restore symmetry with the unaffected side for the patient.

Eyes are a vital part of our human interaction and communication. Which is why, an ocular prosthesis benefits a patient’s psychological integration. If you would like more information on our ocular prosthetic program, contact us to find out more.

ocular prosthesis or prosthetic eye custom painted serpent pupilProsthetic eyes are custom made to order

They can be any unique design a patient would like. Often, our patients like to get creative and show their unique personalities through their prosthesis. This year, our team members weren’t the only ones who got into the Halloween spirit. One of our patients, who’s a great prankster, made a special request for a custom serpent eye pupil. Would this snake eye spook or bedazzle you? Either way, it was a spectacularly fun creation!