Silicone Ankle Foot Orthosis

Having the ability to provide options is one of the most important things we offer our patients. There are many reasons a patient may find themselves needing an Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO). Regardless of the reason, we can ensure that we will have the best solution available.

At WCBL, we offer a variety of AFO styles, including silicone AFO, or SAFO. A SAFO is a comfortable and attractive alternative to a conventional orthosis for dorsiflexor weakness.

Why a Silicone AFO?

In contrast to a traditional rigid AFO, a SAFO supports the foot from the front of the leg down to the top of the foot, instead of from below the foot. This prevents the foot from dropping and helps patients lift the foot, while the leg swings during walking. It improves balance, corrects walking, helps prevent tripping, and protects fragile skin. It’s also waterproof, accommodates a variety of different shoe types, or can be worn without shoes. This orthotic gives patients an overall sense of confidence and freedom.


What makes our SAFO unique from other companies in the area? We have an on-site anaplastology lab where we custom make each one of our SAFO devices. Our anaplastologists work with patients to custom color match the device to their skin tone, for a natural look. We also offer a variety of closure options. These include, zipper, Velcro strap, and an integrated RevoFit Boa adjustable system. Not only do these options add an easier alternative to slipping the orthotic on and off, they provide maximum functionality and the best fit.