AllSTAR Cranial Program

baby in cranial remolding helmet

At WCBL, we are proud to be part of the Orthomerica AllSTAR team of cranial clinicians. This clinical network is made up of exceptional clinicians. These clinicians are dedicated to the care of infants with deformational plagiocephaly and post-operative craniosynostosis. Specifically, they use the STAR® Family of cranial remolding orthoses manufactured by Orthomerica Products, Inc.

The AllSTAR clinical network recognizes and promotes a special group of clinicians. Therefore, sharing the clinical expertise of orthotic clinicians who specialize in the management of infants with skull deformities. This program creates the largest global footprint of cranial specialists, and thereby enhances parents’ access to the highest quality clinical care programs.

Evidence-based medicine and clinical outcomes

Firstly, the AllSTAR network focuses on evidence-based medicine and contributes clinical outcomes data. This data quantifies the efficacy of STARband cranial programs. Secondly, clinicians maintain their AllSTAR membership through a variety of ways. For example, they take part in continuing education, use of standardized clinical protocols, provision of excellent patient care, and ongoing professional contributions to this medical specialty.

orthomerica allstar cranial helmetCredentialed orthotists and prosthetic practitioners, like the ones at WCBL, provide cranial remolding orthoses. These health care professionals maintain high standards of continuing education through national certifying bodies. Also, they work closely with other craniofacial team members to help babies achieve optimal correction and results.

As the worldwide leader in cranial remolding orthoses, Orthomerica provides us with exceptional products. As a result, we can treat our littlest patients with the best care and outcomes possible!

Does your little one need a cranial helmet? Contact us to find out why Orthomerica STARband helmets babies, and their parents, are the happiest!