The state-of-the-art Ottobock C-Brace provides enhanced stability, control, and support for individuals with lower limb impairments.

female patient standing in her ottobock c-brace

Interested in the C-Brace?

Listen to Connie’s story below, as she talks about what C-Brace has meant for her.

A one time avid skier and outdoorswoman, Connie has been working with our St. Petersburg office practitioner, Danielle, to regain some of the movement & freedom she has lost.

The Ottobock microprocessor-controlled C-Brace is the first-ever KAFO that allows users to flex their leg under load (in order to sit down, for example), and to navigate slopes, walk on uneven terrain, or descend stairs step-over-step. Advanced sensor technology makes the entire gait pattern even more dynamic and responsive. Additionally, the user can easily change settings on their joint, e.g., switching to cycling mode, via a smartphone app. The O&P professional uses the Setup app to individually adjust the C-Brace. Every patient receives a fully customized C-Brace. Patients can request a trial to see if they are a candidate prior to receiving a C-Brace.

Onsite Fabrication

Westcoast Brace & Limb is a trusted fabricator of C-Brace KAFO’s. What does that means for patients? Because our practitioners and fabrication technicians work together on site, we can easily meet patient’s unique requests and needs. Connie is a perfect example of this.

Connie’s original brace included an ankle joint, which she was not satisfied with. Her chief complaint was not being able to fit into shoes well and the brace being bulky. Therefore, we listened to her concerns and approached her new brace from a different design perspective. Connie’s ankle range of motion is very limited and she needed more stability at the ankle. As a result, we did not provide an articulating ankle joint. Depending on the patient’s needs, the AFO portion can be made with or without the ankle joint. We have fabricated several c-braces without an ankle joint successfully.

The C-Brace takes freedom of movement to a completely new level. Patients can wear the latest, smaller C-Brace under loose clothing. Furthermore, it’s lighter, so the user doesn’t need to exert as much effort when walking. The C-brace is giving users a whole new world of movement & we’re here for it!


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