Mia Grace’s storyinfant wearing Starband cranial remolding helmet

Upon receiving the news that their daughter, Mia Grace, needed a cranial remolding orthosis, her parents knew they wanted the best treatment available. Subsequently, they brought Mia to WCBL, and they couldn’t be happier with the care and reassurance they’ve received.

Mia’s mother, Glenda, recalls their experience at WCBL.

“I highly recommend [Westcoast Brace & Limb]. We see Mrs. Jennifer Delach and she has exceeded all of my expectations. My daughter was in need of a cranial helmet to help with reshaping her head. As a mom to a very little baby who had no clue about anything related to cranial helmets and how they work, I was terrified!

I remember leaving our first appointment with Mrs. Jen and feeling a wave of relief because she was so thorough and knowledgeable but, most important of all, super SWEET and spoke to my ‘mama heart’. She explained the process in detail and was just so professional about the entire process! I left feeling reassured that this [cranial helmet] is what my daughter needed. Looking back now, I am so glad we made this choice, because she’s doing GREAT and her head is almost perfect! My daughter is now a few short weeks away from being able to remove her helmet. I feel 100% satisfied with our experience!

P.S. It can’t go without mentioning that the front desk is amazing. [Sharolee] has always greeted me with such enthusiasm!  She always remembers my daughter’s name, which is so sweet!”

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Cranial Remolding Orthosis at WCBL

WCBL is a proud provider of STARband, the number one selling cranial orthosis in the world. We are also are part of the Orthomerica AllSTAR Cranial Team, further emphasizing our dedication to providing the best care to our cranial helmet patients. STARband allows for successful completion of treatment for nearly all plagiocephaly patients with ONE headband. Parents and payers receive a significant cost savings when compared to other providers, who may suggest the use of multiple headbands.

The STARband system has full FDA approval. As a result, we are able to confidently treat our pediatric patients. The approval includes 6 cranial helmet models for different head shapes. Additionally, the system offers the most sophisticated scanning technology in the industry for a precision fit.