Woman wearing bilateral TurboMed AFOs standing with her male orthotist.
Woman's leg wearing a TurboMed AFO


“Not even the coronavirus can stop us! Look out world here I come, upright and walking with confidence” in a new pair of TurboMed XTERN AFO’s! Annette wasn’t about to let her quarantine prevent her from reaching her goals and neither was her WCBL orthotist, Walt. They make a great team!

Annette wore plastic AFO’s (ankle foot orthoses) that she had been using for many years and wanted something new and innovative. Annette wears the orthoses for her drop foot condition. The old plastic AFO’s had been bothering Annette’s feet, consequently creating issues regarding comfort. These issues ultimately affected her daily life and her ability to accomplish actives regularly and with ease. Annette did some research on her own, and was interested in seeing if she would be a candidate for the TurboMed XTERN AFO, a device we had previously spotlighted (click here to read more).

Walt determined that Annette would be a good candidate for the TurboMed XTERN AFO’s.

A trial kit allowed Annette to try the device and decide if it would work for her. The results amazed both of them! As her first goal, Annette decided to walk in a local 5k event. Unfortunately, Covid-19 led to the cancellation of the 5k. While she couldn’t yet participate in an organized event, Annette hasn’t let that slow her down. She is very pleased with the overall comfort and function of her new AFO’s, and is staying active.

Annette is now able to walk longer and farther, because of the increased comfort of her new AFO’s.

The TurboMed AFO’s are substantially more comfortable and wearable than her old AFO’s. Therefore, allowing Annette to perform her daily activities with more energy and less difficulty. Achieving more each day has encouraged Annette greatly! The outcome of the new AFO’s has surpassed Annette’s expectations. Being part of a journey like Annette’s, is why we do what we do every day.

“It’s not just a matter of giving you what is medically necessary, it’s a team effort to give you the best mobility and comfort to enhance your lifestyle. They truly encourage you to ‘Dream Big’ and then help turn those dreams into reachable goals.” Annette said about working with the team at WCBL’s Brandon location. The team works “together so you can head home with confidence to begin the wonderful possibilities that now await. I can’t thank them enough.”

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