At the young age of 27, Patricia suddenly found herself dealing with medical issues that would change her life forever. Having been diagnosed with Lupus and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), she unexpectedly had three strokes, and found herself wheelchair bound and searching for answers. As a young mother, Patricia knew that she couldn’t let her illnesses defeat her.

Not having a lot of help or guidance on what her future held with her medical condition, she decided to take matters into her own hands. With her left leg stuck in a permanent 90-degree contraction, Patricia was determined to find a way to get out of her wheelchair and walk again.

After researching online, she found WCBL, read many reviews about our company and knew this was where she wanted to go. Patricia recalls that her “First time was a charm” when she had her initial appointment with our practitioner Danielle. After evaluating Patricia, Danielle was certain she could help her reach her goal of standing and walking for longer periods of time and without the intense pain it was causing her. “When I left the office on that initial visit, I had tears of joy and hope for days!”

Danielle did some research, came up with an idea and consulted with other practitioners before moving forward. Once she realized that her idea would work, Danielle put it into motion and had a prosthosis created.

A prosthosis is a combination of a prosthetic limb and an orthotic device. Basically, this device looks like a prosthetic leg, but instead of a full socket for the limb to fit into, it is open in the back and has a padded area for Patricia to rest her knee in. It is strapped on to her thigh and her calf and foot extend out the back. As Patricia says, it’s her “leg on top of a leg” device.

Since receiving her prosthosis, Patricia has been able to resume many activities that she had once given up on. “I was able to go on short hikes in the Colorado mountains! I am able to be up and walking and that is the most I can be thankful for! I, more than ever, have a positive outlook on everything in life.”

“The main and most important thing that my device does to help me have a better functional life is that I can be up (out the chair) and vertical. It allowed me to walk beside my small growing daughter, to pick her up and show her things, to play on the playground with her. She loves sitting in my lap while I sit in my chair, but I know she enjoys me so much more when I’m up on my feet with my prosthetic.”

The biggest motivating factor in Patricia’s life was her daughter. “I have to a more than just present for her. I have to be here for my daughter in every way I can be, and that includes: never giving up, always trying my best, and believing in myself.”

After being told by dozens of medical professionals that she was stuck where she was, in a wheelchair with a leg that just couldn’t be fixed at this time, she was desperate to find a solution. “With a three-year-old begging to play, I absolutely just couldn’t sit there and keep rolling around everywhere. Transportation was hard. Hopping on one leg was (and still is) habit to get from one place to the other because my wheelchair just makes everything complicated. I never gave up in researching and pushing towards my goal. It may look odd to others and raise questions, but my device is a life changer and I am beyond grateful for it!”

“If you want personable, efficient, and a reliable team who isn’t afraid of even the most complicated requests, WCBL is the place for you.”