As a longtime patient at Westcoast Brace & Limb, Chryl was excited to share with others how she became a patient here and how it has changed her life. Chryl is a diabetic and at the time of her injury, she struggled with always being “the most compliant patient.” One day, she ran outside barefoot and stepped on a stick causing a small hole in her foot. This small hole became a bad wound and then a catastrophic infection, spreading into the bone, and ultimately requiring an amputation.

Before her surgery, Chryl had the opportunity to meet with a Certified Peer Visitor, who helped Chryl better understand the process she was about to undergo and how her life would change afterwards. Talking to a peer visitor, actually made the decision easier for Chryl and helped calm her fears, she also made a friend for life in her peer visitor. After her amputation, Chryl became a member of the Amputees Together support group, which is how she learned about WCBL. At the time, Chryl was going to another prosthetic company. She recalls, “I was suffering with a lot of sores on my residual limb and my practitioner at the time was not really listening to my needs. I called a friend who suggested I see Greg at WCBL for a consult and that was it!”

Chryl has seen a few different practitioners at WCBL, including Greg and Lee, and she has loved them all. When asked about her initial experience with us, she said that it was one of positivity, professionalism, care and kindness. While, she has seen different practitioners, the one who she has worked most closely with is Greg. Chryl says “I have made a great connection with Greg, he understands my lifestyle and my needs for my prosthetic leg. Sometimes I don’t have to say a word, he just knows what to try for me and it just works!”

Currently, Chryl has an Elan foot and Limblogic elevated vacuum system. She feels very strongly that her prosthetic device allows her to participate in and complete her daily activities more efficiently and easily than she has done before. When asked how her device has helps her, Chryl shares with us that she’s “walking up and down steps much better now. Ever since I started seeing Greg, I have never suffered with sores on my residual limb. This new leg has been life changing. But every time I get an upgrade, it makes a huge difference!”

Since becoming a patient at WCBL, Chryl has made many accomplishments, some that she never thought she was capable of doing before seeing us. “I pretty much did nothing before, I just walked very little. Now I’m walking as much as I can and I push myself to try new things.” Chryl has taken on new challenges and is reaching and setting new goals for herself all of the time. “I have tried rock climbing, water skiing, stairs, anything I can do to step out of my comfort zone, I’m willing to try! All because WCBL was in tune with my needs.”

Chryl says that what motivated her to accomplish her goals, was “To always TRY and NEVER give up.” She says “Your story and strength can help others who are struggling with limb loss. We all have to help each other.” Chryl felt compelled to share her story with others “to empower them to strive to continue on with their lives.” She knows the importance of having good communication with a practitioner, to ensure a patient receives the best prosthetic for their needs and lifestyle and she wants to be sure others understand this. “I also want others to know they can live their best life, despite limb loss. It’s not a disability, it’s an ABILITY!”

If there was anything that Chryl could share with others who may be considering coming to Westcoast Brace & Limb as a new patient, it would be, “WELCOME!!! You are in awesome hands.” Chryl continues to say, “I came here in bad shape and since, have been doing great, for YEARS!!! I have been blessed with a whole new outlook on life. I’m LIVING LIFE! Trying new things and having fun! WCBL puts the patient and their needs first. Have a consult, you definitely won’t be disappointed!!”