HiFi Interface Technology – Prosthetic Socket

Gone are the days of amputees simply tolerating their prosthesis, our team is ready to give you a socket that empowers you!

What is HiFi? 

High-Fidelity (HiFi) Interface by biodesigns, inc is the newest technology redefining how a prosthetic socket should fit, providing the ultimate in comfort and function. The HiFi Interface, with patented and patents-pending Osseostabilization™ and Osseosynchronization™ technology, delves deeper to capture and control the underlying bone. This allows the socket to connect skeletally with the patient’s residual limb, think of osseointegration without the surgery and with a removable prosthesis. Motion and force are captured closer to the bone, creating a more precise reaction from the prosthesis and more instinctive reaction from the user. The result is dramatically enhanced performance, greater energy efficiency, security, safety, increased endurance, greater comfort and a higher level of confidence for wearers of all activity levels.

There is a better way, and it doesn’t involve surgery.

A Higher Standard

The HiFi Interface and technology addresses common issues with ill-fitting prosthetic sockets, including; falls, instability, pain, blisters, pistoning, rotation, uneven gait, and uncomfortably high trim lines. Some prosthetic wearers complain of a loss of sensory information resulting in poor proprioception and a reduction in walking confidence and speed; all associated with high mental and physical fatigue. A lack of physiological feedback to the brain contributes to phantom limb pain, a major problem for amputees. HiFi wearers report their prostheses feel more like a part of them, feel connected to them, with many reporting phantom sensations returning to their limbs, allowing them to feel the ground. Many patients report a reduction in mental fatigue because they forget they are wearing their prosthesis. Are you ready to experience HiFi? 

This socket is made for ultimate comfort & fit for the patient.

HiFi Interface Technology – Benefits

  • Increased comfort/lowest trim lines
  • Greater stability
  • Faster walking speeds/quicker movements
  • Improved gait and gait symmetry
  • Increased walking confidence
  • Lighter feeling px
  • Longer wear times
  • Increased range of motion/improved functional envelope
  • Targeted and purposeful adjustability
  • Reduction in limb volume fluctuation
  • Increased proprioception
  • Feeling of being one with prosthesis (embodiment)
  • Improved performance of attached components
  • Reduced mental load when wearing px
  • Works with all suspension techniques, including vacuum
  • Proven socket technology, backed by clinical evidence

Who is a candidate for the HiFi Interface?

We have had great success fitting both upper and lower limb wearers. And while this design benefits individuals of all activity levels, it is extremely effective for those who are very active and demanding on their prosthesis, especially above-knee and upper limb amputees who are looking for greater stability and comfort. 


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