Wedged AFO's for toe walker kids

Does your child toe-walk?

If you have a toe-walker, we can help. Toe walking is a specific and individualized pathological movement disorder that is abnormal, non-ideal, inefficient, and ultimately unsafe. Did you know that toe walking causes a child to expend an average of 53% more energy than non toe-walking children? Additionally, it can lead to future problems like knee instability, increased injury, joint pain, arthritis, and impaired function. However, it can be corrected! By utilizing a specially designed orthosis, we can change the biomechanics of toe walking with adapted AFOs.

Custom wedged ankle-foot orthosis (AFOs) are designed especially for toe-walking patients.

The unique wedging of these “wedged” AFO’s accommodate the loss of range of motion that often accompanies toe-walking. Therefore, they help to achieve heel-strike when walking and ultimately increase range of motion over time, WITHOUT SERIAL CASTING. It is recommended that a child wear their AFO for at least 30 minutes every day and that they walk while wearing the device in order to change their motor pattern. If your child’s physician or physical therapist has recommended an AFO to treat your child’s toe-walking, let us help. Rest assured, that we work closely with your child’s therapist and physician to design the perfect orthosis for your child. Every pair is made on-site, custom for each patient.

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*Reference: “Therapeutic Evaluation and Treatment of Toe Walking (Pediatric Equinus Gait)” by Liesa M. Persaud, PT, DPT, PCS, CKTP