Anatomical image of shoulder showing TMR procedure nerve diagram

What is TMR?

Targeted muscle reinnervation (TMR) involves transferring amputated nerves to activate the remaining muscles in the limb during a surgical procedure. Doctors have been successfully performing this procedure for over 5 years. They have found it to be an effective treatment option, both in the acute and chronic setting.

Originally developed to work with new prosthetic limb technology, surgeons reassign nerves that once controlled the arm and the hand. By reassigning existing nerves, patients who have had upper-extremity amputations are able to control their prosthetic devices by simply thinking about the action they wish to perform. Surgeons subsequently noticed that amputees who had TMR surgery reported a significant reduction in both neuroma and phantom limb pain. Once experimental, this innovative procedure is now available at select hospitals, for both upper and lower extremity amputees, contact us for more information on physicians who perform TMR.

Would you benefit from TMR?

If you are a patient who is:

  • a unilateral or bilateral upper or lower extremity amputee

  • an amputee, at any level, that has caused neuroma and/or phantom pain

  • interested in a TMR prosthesis

  • physically and mentally cleared to meet requirements (determined by a medical team)

  • able and willing to work on rehabilitation over an extended time

Following amputation, many patients experience nerve-mediated pain, preventing comfortable prosthesis wear. It is possible to offer management of this pain, along with improving function, through both medical and surgical treatments. With cutting-edge techniques and surgeries including; Targeted muscle reinnervation, the STARFISH procedure, (developed by the OrthoCarolina Hand Center), and flexion osteotomies improved prosthetic fit and control can be accomplished. The surgery provides more muscle signals in the residual limb. Consequently, the patient has enhanced control of a myoelectric prosthesis and can perform new functions with their upper extremity device.

Click here to watch a video describing the TMR procedure.

Prosthetist adjusting TMR patient's myoelectric prosthetic arm
Post TMR patient with myoelectric prosthetic arm

How can WCBL help you with TMR?

Post TMR patient with above knee amputation doing well, smiling with her prosthetic team

WCBL practitioners participate with local specialists in a Reconstructive Limb Loss Clinic for patients with upper and lower amputation interested in TMR. It is a coordinated effort between doctors, prosthetists, therapists, and other medical specialists. Above all, the goal is to provide patients who have had upper and lower limb amputations new reconstructive procedures and technology. WCBL is highly experienced in treating amputee patients who have underwent the TMR procedure. Our practitioners are trained in fitting both upper and lower post-TMR patients with prosthetic devices that meet their needs and help them to reach their goals.

  • Do you have neuroma or phantom limb pain?

  • Are you unable to wear a prosthesis?

Find out if you are a candidate for the clinic. Email or Call us at (888) 552-2555.

At Westcoast Brace & Limb, we utilize the most advanced myoelectric prostheses available with the goal of improving the lives of post-amputee patients.

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