Prosthetic and Orthotic Fabrication Services

We offer state-of-the-art prosthetic and orthotic fabrication services to other providers by providing exceptional and consistent quality and competitive pricing on select products. With a highly skilled group of orthotic and prosthetic technicians, we can provide your patients with the same high quality workmanship that our community is accustomed to.

Some of our niche services include:
• Quicklite Protective Prosthetic Covers
• Pectus Carinatum Orthoses
• Specialty items by request


Pectus Carinatum FORM


QuickLite™ Covers from Westcoast are durable, light-weight endoskeletal covers designed for use on preparatory and permanent prostheses. Made of polyethylene foam and pre-shaped to reduce fabrication time, the covers are easily removed for alignment adjustments and easily reapplied — in a fraction of the time it takes with more traditional options.

Weighing no more than 2 ounces with an average installation time of 30 minutes, the covers are an affordable, user-friendly option to help protect inner components, clothing and present a more realistic appearance for wearers. Split covers are available for use in cases requiring frequent removal and for active wearers who want the flexibility of being able to remove and reinstall the covers on their own.

• Great with preparatory and permanent prostheses
• Made of lightweight, durable polyethylene foam
• Sandable and they weigh only 2 ounces
• B/K covers are available in 4 sizes, left or right
• A/K discontinuous covers are available in 2 sizes, left or right
• Split covers are available for more frequent or self-removal
• Fabrication time averages 30 minutes
• Easily removable for adjustments, easily reinstalled
• Shorter patient appointments
• Durable, light-weight, washable and user-friendly
• Protect inner components and clothing
• Can be worn “as is” or covered with cosmetic hose or protective skin
• Present a more realistic appearance

Once installed, the covers can be worn “as is”, covered with cosmetic hose or finished with off-the-shelf or custom skin.

Cosmetic stockings (much like in-store knee- or thigh-high hosiery) are worn pulled over the prosthetic foot and cover, often in layers of different shades that combine to approximate various skin tones.

Pre-fabricated skins are thin, rubber-like hose available in a variety of shades, also worn pulled over the prosthetic foot and cover. They provide the best moisture resistance, provide realism and are widely available.

Custom protective skins can be painted by hand onto the covers, providing an extremely realistic appearance that includes hair, tattoos and birthmarks as requested by the wearer.

Insurance companies (including those following Medicare guidelines) do pay for covers for permanent prostheses. Coverage determination is based on the fact that covers do provide a functional role in preserving the life of prosthetic devices.

Our QuickLite™ Cover Order Form gives you the option to place your order electronically by completing the form and clicking the “Click Here to Email Order Form” button. You can also print out the form (filling it out either online or by hand) and fax it to us at the number listed on the form.


The QuickLite™ Sizing Chart and Step-by-Step Installation Instructions also below, will show you how to measure to size your order and how to install the b/k covers and the a/k covers. Please call us if you have any questions at the numbers listed.

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B/K Installation »
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WCBL’s Pectus Carinatum Bracing Solution
Bracing may be an alternative to a surgical approach to treatment for Pectus Carinatum. The WPC Compressor, developed by Westcoast Brace & Limb, is a custom brace designed to gently apply pressure to the sternum, gradually correcting the structure of the chest wall.

We custom fabricate the brace based on a mold of the child’s chest. For best results, the brace should be worn 23 hours a day, 7 days a week. The child may remove the brace for bathing and/or swimming. The brace is typically utilized for one year.

Treatment for pectus deformities should begin when the child is at least beginning his or her pubertal growth spurt. At this time, when the chest wall is more fully developed, the risk of recurrence and complications is minimized.


For more information on this bracing solution, contact us at 813-985-5000, or toll free at 1-888-552-2555.