Traveling with the TSA: UPDATE

Hello everyone.  We recently posted some valuable information in regards to a recent webinar called “Traveling with Limb Loss”.  The webinar was hosted by the ACA (Amputee Coalition of America) and the information was provided by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) on 6/21/17.  Links were provided in the article for those who wanted more information on the subject matter.

The ACA reached back out us and provided two more links on this issue that highlight the information that was covered in the webinar.  Note: The links provided can be found on the ACA webpage at

Travel Tips: This particular link is a 13 page fact sheet.  The link provides invaluable tips for prosthetic care while traveling.  Tips are given for those who require the use of walking aids, wheelchairs, scooters, etc., while traveling, or plan to travel.  It also provides links and contact information for hotels (national and international), and major transportation providers such as airlines, buses, ocean cruises, and trains.  Follow the links provided to learn more information that will help ease your travel arrangements to enable you to set up the appropriate accommodations you need.

Travel information:  This link provides information on what you can declare for your disability or medical condition when traveling. Rules for carry on items are also covered in the link provided.  The link provided will also address your rights and options as it relates to the screening process while wearing a prosthetic device.

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