Taylor Sanders Swim Meet

I went to a high school swim meet last night to watch a very unique swimmer. This swimmer, from what the doctors say, was never suppose to have walked—let alone be on the swim team. The girl that I am referencing is Taylor Sanders. Taylor has a ‘never give up’ attitude when it comes to anything in life. Watching Taylor swim the 50 freestyle last night was a pretty inspiring moment. Taylor was walking around a little before and during the meet, and you could tell that sometimes she struggled a little, but when she got into the pool her pain appeared to be gone. She has been swimming for a while now, and all the time it has been helping her with mobility and confidence in her daily life. This was her second time swimming the 50 freestyle, with her first completion time of 50 seconds. Taylor was looking to try to beat this time for this meet….she did it!!! This time she touched the wall at 46.16 seconds improving by nearly 4 seconds!! After seeing this, it makes me realize that if you put your heart and soul into everything, you can accomplish whatever you set out to do.

There is an old saying that says, “You can not hit a target if you do not aim for it.” On those words I end by saying, aim for what you wish to accomplish and never give up.

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