Meet Wendy Westcoast

She is outfitted with just a few of the various styles of prosthetic limbs and high realism silicone features.
Wendy’s left arm is amputated above the elbow (transhumeral amputation). She has been fit with an OttoBock Ergo Arm at the elbow, and a 5XA terminal device (hook). Her right arm was amputated below the elbow (transradial amputation). Here she is wearing a myoelectric prosthesis which uses sensors to guage muscle contractions that can open and close her hand.

If you look down to her legs, you will notice that the right leg has been amputated above the knee (transfemoral amputation). Her prosthesis here has a Plie knee which is a battery operated, water resistant, microprocessor knee that makes constant adjustments to optimize her gait. The prosthetic foot is a flex foot that enables energy storage and release as well as some vertical shock absorption to further produce a safe and stable gait. Moving on over to her left leg, Wendy Westcoast has a below knee (transtibial amputation). She has been fit with an adjustable heel height foot on this prosthesis, allowing her to walk barefoot as well as wear up to a 2″ heel!

If you look closely at Wendy’s face, you will also notice that she has a high realism silicone nose and ear as well. These are custom made to match her existing features.

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