Amputees, Sweating, and their Prosthesis

I recently had a bilateral below knee amputee come in for an evaluation for new prostheses. He currently wears silicone liners with pin lock on both residual limbs as a means of suspension and could not imagine any other type of system. He has been wearing these type of prostheses since his amputation 8 years ago. He states that he has always had an issue with excessive sweating. We decided to continue with the same type of suspension system, but instead address the sweating issue.

We have a plan of attack with 3 options.

#1. Off the shelf anti-perspirant such as Certain Dri. He will apply this prior to application of the silicone liner and prosthesis. Once it dries he will then apply the silicone liner first, and then the prosthetic device.

#2. Use a prosthetic sheath under the liner to wick away the moisture. It is imperative that there are no wrinkles in the sheath because it could cause breakdown. It is also important that the sheath does not extend past the end of the silicone liner. Because if the “slippery” sheath extends past the end of the silicone liner, the silicone liner may end up sliding down. The liner should extend at least 3 inches past the end of the sheath.

#3. If neither of these solutions work, there is a prescription cream call Drysol. On their website, Drysol is reported to work in 80 percent of the people who use it for excessive sweating. Doctors generally recommend applying it to problem areas after drying the skin completely. Wearing it only at bedtime and then washing it off in the morning with plain water reduces the chance of skin irritation. Generally, treatment is repeated nightly until sweating is under control. This may happen after just two or more treatments. Thereafter, you can apply Drysol once or twice weekly or as needed.

Hopefully, one of these three methods of addressing the sweating issue will work. I will keep you posted as he returns for future appointments.

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