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Michelangelo Hand

The Michelangelo® Hand gripping kinematics, natural movement and appearance as well as low weight support the user during everyday activities. The Michelangelo® Hand is a part of a new prosthesis generation and designed for transradial fittings.


Unique Functionality

Thanks to four movable fingers and a thumb that can be independently positioned, the Michelangelo® Hand offers innovative, never-before-seen gripping kinematics. In order to achieve a more natural movement pattern, the hand is equipped with two drive units. The main drive is responsible for gripping movements and gripping strength, and actively drives the index finger and middle finger, while the ring finger and little finger ‘follow’ the main fingers passively. The thumb drive allows the thumb to be electronically positioned in one additional axis of movement. Taken together, the functionality created by the two drives offers the user incredibly versatility, with seven different gripping options.


Extraordinary Design

The soft and hard materials used to fabricate the fingers constitute another product highlight. With details based on nature as a model, they make a major contribution towards the acceptance of the Michelangelo® Hand.


Easy to Use

The Michelangelo® Hand is easy for the user to operate. It is turned on and off by pressing the charging receptacle of the AxonEnergy Integral on the outside of the socket. The finger grip can also be externally loosened by means of the mechanical switch if required.



Adjustments to the Michelangelo® Hand can only be performed through Bluetooth® data transfer using the AxonSoft software. In order to do so, a Bluetooth® wireless connection has to be established between the Axon Master and the PC.


Power Supply

The power supply for the Michelangelo® Hand is provided by the AxonEnergy Integral integrated into the socket. Intelligent battery management alerts you when the battery capacity decreases – the hand becomes slower and the gripping strength is reduced. Only when the battery capacity gets very low is the hand turned off in order to protect the battery against harmful deep discharge.

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