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Treating Positional Plagiocephaly in the Tampa Bay Area

The STAR™ cranial remolding orthosis is custom fabricated for each baby. It consists of a rigid thermoplastic outer shell with a soft liner. The liner allows for gradual adjustments to guide growth and promote symmetry of the skull.

The treatment lasts an average of 16 weeks and the cranial orthosis is worn 23 hours a day. The STAR™ cranial orthosis may be indicated for children between 4-18 months of age. The best results are achieved when treatment is initiated between 4 and 7 months.

At Westcoast Brace & Limb, we use the STARscanner™ system to provide parents and the referring physician with an objective assessment of the infant’s head shape. The STARscanner™ uses an eye-safe laser to digitally scan the baby’s head in less than two seconds. After the scan is obtained, a report is generated containing the measurements needed to quantify the cranial asymmetry.

NOTE: There is no radiation in the scanning process.

The STARscanner™ allows us to obtain a mold of the baby’s head without using a plaster cast. Once the scan is acquired, CAD/CAM technology is used to convert the image into a three dimensional model of the baby’s head. The model then is used for fabrication of the cranial orthosis.

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