Frankie Jones

Frankie Jones, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), student, and unilateral congenital below elbow amputee, talks about living with his limb deficiency and his ‘Westcoast Patient Experience’

“They’re not just pushing something on you when you come in. When they showed me examples of what the final product would look like, I was amazed. I think that being part of the process really helps because then you’re leaving with something you actually wanted.”

-Frankie Jones
Below Elbow Amputee

Big enough to be ‘high-tech’, but still family owned and operated

“I didn’t even find out until later that he (Frankie’s prosthetist, Greg Bauer, LPO/CPO) was the President of the company— it’s surprising because most people don’t even know what the Presidents of companies look like.”

Advice for others

“Focus on the good parts of your life. Focus on where you want to go.”

Watch a video of the fabrication process of Frankie’s below elbow passive prosthesis.

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