Alexander Davidson

On October first of 2009 I climbed a telephone pole to take a photograph of the sunset, I believed the wires were insulated and was unafraid to venture up to take some photos, on my way back down I started to fall and instinctively tried to grab something, unfortunately what I grabbed happened to be a live wire. As I touched the wire I received over 7,000 volts of electricity that instantly gave me second & third degree burns on 47% of my body, I then fell thirty five feet to the ground, I broke dozens of bones in my body mostly in my spine, I also severed my spinal chord leaving me paralyzed. While in the hospital doctors had to amputate my left forearm because of all the metal bracelets I wore. I was in a medically induced coma for a month and a half.

I struggled every day from different things. After three and a half months I returned home to my family where they helped me regain my strength. Three summers ago I went on a program that not only renewed my relationship with God but also introduced me to a new family. A family of special individuals who like my self, lived outside what society considers “normal kids”. Because of Kids Of Courage and various other organizations I have joined, I can now proudly raise my head and call myself different, not only because I am handicapped, but because I can accept living with these “disabilities” and thrive because of the strength I have been given.

Since my accident I have come to the realization of what my aim is for the future, I hope that in the next year I’ll be attending USF for Social Work so that I can council young kids and young adults who are affected by a traumatic change in their life. I cannot wait to see what my future holds in store for me.

I would like to make one thing clear, I am NOT happy the accident happened, but I AM GRATEFUL for what has arisen from the ashes of it.

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