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Jayden Mojica

Jayden was born premature at 28 weeks and has always been a fighter. From the very beginning the pregnancy was high risk and I was on bed rest since I was 14 weeks pregnant. We had a couple complications and I was at home with a terbutaline pump and remote monitoring. Everything seemed to be going pretty good, until I started leaking amniotic fluid at 25 weeks. Jayden fought and stayed in 3 more weeks before delivery. A few weeks after he was born, since his lungs weren’t fully developed he suffered lack of oxygen and suffered a brain injury, and in turn he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia at only 5 weeks old. Jayden’s CP does not affect him cognitively or verbally in any way, he just needs/uses assistive device for walking and a little help with his hands. Jayden first received services from West Coast at 15 months old. Mr Tom came to our home during a physical therapy session and casted Jayden for his first pair of AFO’s. Mr Tom was/is amazing with Jayden he played with him and made him smile. A couple of weeks later he delivered his first pair of braces. What a difference it made during therapy and with Jayden attempting to stand and walk. From there on, Mr Tom and other staff members (Ms Liz, Mr Jon, Ms Rachel and Ms Denise) have provided Jayden every year a new pair of braces (AFO’s/DAFO’s) to help support his legs/ankles and help him walk, making him much more independent. WestCoast (Brace & Limb) has always provided top quality care and service to Jayden. There has been times where his AFOs were a little tight or maybe he had some redness, and WestCoast has always done their best to see him that same day that I’ve called and they’ve been able to adjust/fix the issues and make Jayden’s braces comfortable for him to continue walking and succeeding at becoming more independent. I will forever be very grateful for everything Mr Tom and all the staff at WestCoast has done for Jayden. He recently did a “race” sponsored by WestCoast and Jayden is very proud of completing his race. It’s not easy for a 5 yearr old with CP, DAFO’s, a pelvic belt with twister cables attached to his orthotic shoes and a walker to finish a 1 mile race like he did. He had the encouragement of me, his therapist and all the staff of WestCoast. I’m extremely proud of him and happy that WestCoast allowed Jayden the opportunity to race and succeed. He was awarded a medal and he hangs it in his room proudly. In his 5 years, Jayden has taught me more about courage and determination than anyone I know. He never gives up and always has a bright smile. He currently takes 6 therapies a week of 1hr sessions each and he continues to make progress. He takes PT twice a week, Aquatic and OT once a week and Feeding therapy twice a week. He never gives up, whine or fuzzes while at therapy and he understands that it’s only going to make him stronger and more independent.

-Zahira Mojica



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