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Functional & Cosmetic Silicone Restoration

One of the many unique services Westcoast Brace & Limb offers its patients is on-site custom, functional silicone restoration. Our in house team of clinical anaplastologists are trained to address the functional and emotional needs of our patients. We pride ourselves at looking at the whole picture when it comes to patient care. Restoring function is key, and a patient’s emotional acceptance of their new physical being translates into a more successful prosthetic outcome.

The unique aspect of our silicone restoration program is our on-site fabrication, which allows for patient input and direction throughout the entire process of designing the prosthesis. Patient interaction is key in achieving accurate prehension and opposition, proprioception through vibrations, protection of sensitive amputation sites and achieving a natural appearance.

Our functional silicone restoration program offers realism, comfort and durability provided by people with talents in sculpting and painting as well as a deep knowledge of science and experience working with medical-grade silicone to achieve patient satisfaction and help restore functionality.

Fingers, Hands and Arms
Facial features
Custom Breast forms
Toes, Feet and Legs
Myoelectric Skin Covers
Cosmetic Skin
Wear and Care Education

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