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Curtis – Never Give Up!

Curtis is one of our incredible patients who has had several obstacles to overcome yet, has always maintained a positive outlook and optimistic spirit.  In August 2017, after suffering multiple infections in his left foot and having two toes amputated, he was faced with the difficult decision to amputate his lower leg or to continue suffering a slow and painful process of the infection spreading.  As a diabetic, Curtis knew that healing from this infection was going to be a much more complicated and difficult process.  Doctors told Curtis that the infection could spread to his heart and kill him.  At this point, Curtis and his family decided to proceed with the lower leg amputation.  Curtis also decided that he was not going to waste any time feeling sorry for himself or having a negative outlook on his situation, instead, as he put it, he was going to “get busy living”!  With help from his family and friends, Curtis did just that.  He wasted no time in therapy learning how to walk with his amputated leg and progressing into a prosthesis.

Curtis worked with two of our Westcoast team members, Eric and Daymon whom he thanks for helping make his transition easier.  Working with Daymon, who is also an amputee, gave Curtis the strength he needed to push through the hard days in his rehab and know that he could accomplish any goal he set for himself.  Throughout his recovery, Curtis also suffered from severe Vertigo, which made learning how to walk and balance on his new leg much more difficult.  He kept working, taking it one day at a time and telling himself “I can do it” and eventually, he did!  Today Curtis enjoys sharing his story and participating in our Without Limits amputee support group to help encourage other amputees to stay motivated and never give up.

Congratulations Curtis on all of your hard work and thank you for being such a huge motivation for other patients!

For more information about our peer visitors or our support groups, visit our website or contact our office.


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